TAMPA, FL – Empire League American Team Pitcher who traveled with the league to Italy for the Empire League vs Italian Professional baseball  Drue Bravo and Old Orchard Beach Third baseman Luc Pomales have now signed prior to camp to Liga Norte Mexico League.

Both players, who were committed to the Empire League Spring Training for the 2017 season have been sent to the Mexican League. The Empire League together with the PRIBL Winter League program have worked together to start the 2017 season helping young men move up in their careers.

Pictured to the left are Drue Bravo and Luc Pomales together posing for the Empire League and  PRIBL  for their help in getting into the Mexico League.

“This is a huge step for them, These Mexican leagues are equivalent to the Atlantic League and American Association levels. Which are far superior then the Frontier and CanAm in my eyes. These boys are now playing at a level where their success could lead them to a huge advancement in baseball. I would like to congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in their careers.” VP Jerry Gonzalez.

Along with Luc and Drue, the Empire League has also sent RHP Toby Eigner who was originally registered for camp with hopes to making a team, to the Texas Airhogs of the American Association. The Empire League and PRIBL had other plans for him as he  was considered as one of those guys who deserves to be playing high level of baseball.

“Our goal for the Empire League is not to hang on to players but  to help them  advance in their baseball careers. That’s why we are doing this. We have success when players have success so we want to help them as much as we can continue to play in higher level leagues. ” CEO Eddie Gonzalez

Spring Training for the Empire League is just around the corner on June 4-8 and June 18-21 for those players looking to play  professional baseball and begin building their “EMPIRE”. Those interested in attending camp, Click Here.

Article by Empire League Media