DATE: May 1-10, 2023 | LOCATION: Terry Park Sports Complex

ADDRESS TO TRYOUT: 3410 Palm Beach Boulevard Fort Myers, Florida, United States

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Only Players that attend Empire League Showcase & Tryouts are eligible to sign to an Empire League team. If you would like the Empire League's service of providing a platform to advance your career in baseball. You must attend one of the Tryouts or Showcases.

WHY ATTEND THIS TRYOUT: The Empire State Greys Scouting will look to find the best possible players to fill the final rosters spots for the upcoming 2023 Frontier League season as well as finalizing the rosters for the Empire League upcoming season. This will serve as the Empire League's Spring Training Camp where ALL the Empire League Rosters will be formed and finalized.

CAMP HOUSING: The league is not responsible for housing players during this camp. Players must book their own housing accommodations.

REFUND POLICY: There is NO REFUNDS! Camp registered players that confirm signing to an MLB affiliated or MLB partnered league, (American Association, Frontier League, Atlantic League) before the Empire camp date, are eligible for a refund. Players signed to leagues other than the MLB affiliated or MLB Partnered Leagues (Atlantic League, American Association, or Frontier League) are not eligible for Empire Camp refund.

Cost: $999.00

Instructions: Submit Registration for Camp below, Agree to Terms and Conditions, You will be redirected to Make Payment, Use receipt as confirmation of entry. Check in at 9am at Terry Park Sports Complex Left field locker room entrance.

LIMITED PARTICIPANTS. Deadline to Register is April 15th.

REGISTER BELOW: Registration Is Now Open