The Empire League is a Independent Professional Baseball Organization established 2015. The league will operate with 4 teams primarily out of the states of New York, Puerto Rico and Maine. This League  is a Rookie to Class A-level of minor league baseball, meant to give players out of college or little pro experience the true opportunity at staying in shape and providing them the chance at being signed to higher level league contracts with affiliated or independent teams. All league funding comes from Advertisement sales, Ticket Sales, Tryout revenue, Donations and private investments. Players are  compensated based on their classification, no different then all independent professional baseball leagues or affiliated organizations.  Rookie1, Rookie2,  LS-1, LS-2, LS-3, LS-4, Veteran are the leagues player classifications. Pay range  can be from $250-$400. In addition to the pay, nightly housing and daily   meals are  provided.


The Empire League wants to continue its great established reputation of providing players the “DREAM” opportunity at playing, and putting up statistics for the purpose of being recruited to the high level elite professional leagues such as the Frontier, CanAm, American Association, Atlantic League, or even affiliated MLB teams. If players are looking for the Empire league to be their dream league, this is not the league for them. Players will not rely on their Empire league salary to comply with personal financial responsibilities. Players must understand that this is an opportunity league that provides the chance for higher leagues to offer the better paying contracts.


All players attending spring training for a chance to make an Empire League Roster, are responsible for paying and covering their  expenses. The League is NOT responsible for any of the following: Transportation to and from camp site or team sites, meals, and any personal expense at any time of the season unless paid for during the camp dates. There is NO pay for Spring Training, as Spring Training is simply a week long tryout camp opportunity to make one of the four teams in the Empire League. Only the players that attend Empire League Camp tryouts are eligible for Empire League Contracts. Rosters will be made following spring training. No Pre-season guaranteed contracts or roster spots will be given.


The Empire League will comply with a new 70 game regular season and 3 game post season series. Players will only get paid for their service time of games played in the league and will all be credited with certified professional baseball reference profiles.