The Empire League is a Professional Baseball Developmental and Showcase Independent League, established in 2015. The League consist of 4 Different Showcase Programs and individual tryouts that take place during the calendar year. All events are intended for players to expose their level of Talent and individual skills to the MLB partner leagues and MLB affiliate scouts. 


The Fall Instructional Training Camp, and Spring PRO Games Training Camp, both take place at our headquarters Facility in Lee County Florida at "TERRY PARK" in Fort Myers. The All INDY Showcase, and Summer Empire League regular season both take place primarily out of the Northeast part of the Country in the states of Pennsylvania and New York.

This Developmental League platform is designed for players who are above the amateur level and are considered free agent Professional prospects with a skill level equivalent to the levels of an affiliated Rookie ball to Class A-level of minor league baseball.  The League is an official Farm system and direct feeder League to the MLB partner leagues. It prepares and provides players to the Professional MLB partnered leagues such as the Frontier League, Pioneer League, American Association League, and the Atlantic League as well as International Pro Leagues. In addition talented players that have showcased their talents in the Empire League have signed professional contracts with MLB organizations each and every year that the league has operated.


The Empire League Baseball Organization is a Florida registered Business, and its Headquarters main facility of use is the Minor League Player Development Complex at Terry Park in Fort Myers Florida. This facility is used as the main site for the League's Fall Instructional training camp and the Spring Pro Training Camps.  The regular Summer Empire League season operation takes place in the Adirondacks mountains of New York in the Towns of Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, Malone NY, and Plattsburgh NY.


The Leagues primary mission is to provide a Two way scouting service. First one is to recruit and provide talented players to Professional Teams and organizations that become in need of players during the active season. Second, we provide a scouting service to the player to get them the window of opportunity needed to be recruited and signed into those Professional baseball teams in need of players. 

The Empire League gives players out of college a chance to pursue a professional career, and also gives the low experienced free agent Professional players of equivalent age range an opportunity to showcase and earn a contract. 

The program is an educational experience to prepare players for the higher levels of Professional Baseball. It is a true opportunity for players to stay in shape, learn from experienced coaches and be provided with the chance to put up statistical numbers to be promoted with contracts to affiliated or professional MLB partnered independent teams. The Empire League wants to continue its great established reputation of providing players the highest opportunity at playing for the purpose of being recruited to the high level elite professional leagues such as the Frontier, American Association, Atlantic League, or even affiliated MLB teams. 


The Empire League is a short Summer showcase season that does not meet the lengthy industry standards to be considered a salary base Employment for players. However, YES, players are compensated with Housing.  A player has the right to opt out of League provided housing and be responsible for his/her own housing at their expense .  This is NOT a monthly SALARY JOB, and there are No contracted Guaranteed Salaries. 

The Empire League and its camps are predominately a Baseball showcase opportunity for players looking to earn Professional Baseball Jobs contracted with Professional Baseball Organizations.  The Empire League is NOT affiliated with MLB, nor MiLB, and it is NOT and MLB partnered affiliate.  The Empire League is a true independent organization with Professional scouting services available to the qualified Payers. 

Players that enroll in the Empire Showcase/Tryout program are eligible to play in the Empire League.  A player selected will sign a Contract to participate with official terms. Players ARE compensated with housing to save them on living expense, and if asked to travel during the season the league provides transportation funds and players are given a minor expense stipend for meals. Amount of money compensated to players is based on total days active with the team, and it is also based on their classification, no different than all independent professional baseball leagues or affiliated organizations.  All Empire League participants are classified as Rookies.  That is because if a player signs a Pro contracts to higher level Pro Leagues they would keep their player status and will be considered Rookies on the Pro Baseball Status classification of (Rookie 1 or Rookie 2). The Classification for a player would only be different if a player has over 150 at bats or a full year in MLB affiliated or Federation Pro Ball.

A players service time is measured in a per game day basis. A 30 day period where a game is played in each of the 30 days is considered one full month of service. (Example: 30 games played in a 2 month period does not mean a player or coach is compensated for 2 months of service, if only 30 games were played in only 30 of the 60 day period, then the compensation of service would only be for those 30 days).   The expense stipend pay could be different per player ranging from $100-$300 for the month based on roster active dates, classification and contract agreement. Players that cause damages to housing, transportation or league facilities or properties will have their expense stipend REVOKED, it happens every year. In addition to the expense stipend pay, nightly housing and transportation is provided to the eligible players.  This is a great benefit to the player because as we all know housing alone per player in the league's region has an estimated cost of over $2,000 for the month. Participating players must financially provide for themselves and are not in any way shape or form a financial responsibility of the Empire League. If players are looking for the Empire league to be their DREAM LEAGUE, then this is NOT the league for them. Players will not rely on their Empire league expense/food compensation to comply with personal financial responsibilities. Players will agree and understand that this is an opportunity league that provides the chance for higher leagues to offer them the actual certified paying salary contracts.


The EPBL or EBL Does NOT-PROFIT as an operation and is completely self funded by supportive charity partners and sponsors.  Revenue streams such as Advertisement sales, Ticket Sales, National Camps revenue, donations and private funding is used to afford the function of the league.  Participants in the Empire Tryout Camps or the League are considered program enrolled members.  

The Empire League is NOT affiliated with any other Professional baseball organization in America, or the Pro Baseball federation.  This Program is an independent showcase opportunity for a player to pursue a Professional baseball career at their own risk. Players do not earn an established salary as this is not an employment opportunity.


Only players accepted online are allowed into camp, to register for acceptance, fill out the form below. All players attending Empire spring training and Pro Baseball Showcase camp for a chance to make an Empire League Roster or be scouted to any of the Pro Leagues in attendance, are responsible for paying and covering their camp expenses. The League is NOT responsible for any of the following: Transportation to and from camp site or team sites, meals, and any personal expense at any time of the season. There is NO compensation for Spring Training, as Spring Training is simply a week long Indy Ball showcase and tryout camp opportunity to be sent to a pro league or make one of the teams in the Empire League. Only the players that attend Empire League Camp tryouts are eligible for Empire League Playing opportunity. Due to League fair play restrictions, no players are signed to team contracts from other winter leagues, or outside showcase organizations, unless confirmed as an Empire League event.  Rosters will be made following spring training. No Pre-season guaranteed contracts or roster spots are filled. 


The Empire League plays an approximate 50 to 60 game schedule for the season. Players will have the opportunity to show they belong on a Professional baseball field while playing for one of the teams in the Empire League. 


Record of games during the season will determine who advances to  the postseason. Top ranked teams in the final standings advance. The 1st place seeded team advances to the Championship Series.  There is a 3 game playoff series between the 2nd and 3rd seed to determine who will be the second team to advance to the Championship series. #1 seed will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If #1 seed is eliminated, the better seeding team will have home field advantage in the Championship round. The Finals are played in conveniently located league facilities.