The Empire League Baseball organization provides various exclusive player services.

A MEMBERSHIP allows for players to benefit from all the services offered without the constant spending.

Starting from showcase camp yearly events, to direct scouting video analysis, along with remote coaching and training. We also provide pro baseball education and individual player plans, all to help the athlete achieve the ultimate goal of signing a professional baseball contract. A membership plan is available for all players. If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars every single time there is a tryout anywhere in the country, from travel, hotels, registrations and meals, then a membership is right for you.  With easy affordable monthly payments, you have the freedom to attend all Empire League camps and showcases. We bring pro leagues together for you. This great service is now more accessible and affordable than ever for accepted players that enroll in any of the Empire Player MEMBERSHIPS.

With a MEMPBERSHIP, Players can attend any or All of the Empire multi day Independent league Spring showcases, the individual MLB partnered pro league tryouts, the Empire Pro exposure regular summer season camps, and the annual Fall Instructional series. The Empire League events continue to be a Premier Showcase Platform for Pro Leagues in America, exposing and referring talented players directly to MLB, or MLB Partnered League scouts and coaches.  The Player MEMBERSHIP also gives members access to all Empire League private events for maximum development, direct instruction and online resources! MEMBERSHIPS are good for the year events and renewals are available after the 12 month period.

BASIC and ELITE level MEMBERSHIPS are available. 

To become a member, you must be accepted! To be accepted, fill out the form below. You will be contacted with further instructions. For best chance at acceptance, a link to a recent video will increase your chances. You will be contacted by an executive if accepted for recurring monthly payments on 12 month contract.






- Free Entry to All Empire Showcases & Tryout Camps.

- Guaranteed Roster Spot at Empire Season.

- MLB Affiliated Deal Signing Bonus. (If Signed)

- Pro Player Profile

- Video Analytics Report

- Top Priority Refferal Services

- Remote Training & Coaching

- Online Support

- Mental Coaching

_ Workout Plan

- Nutrition Plan

- Financial Support Classes

- Offseason Job Support