TAMPA, FL – The biggest problem today with ball players and actual free agent prospects looking for a chance to play pro ball, is the lack of understanding and knowledge of the current industry standards and its process.

Many players who can’t even get contracts with their own talent are too entitled. They want to pursue a baseball dream without sacrificing or investing in themselves. They don’t establish goals.  Many players want red carpet treatment, free flights, free hotels, and a guaranteed contract.

But News flash!! It doesn’t work that way.

While many players still believe that their very own judgment of their own skills should be good enough to earn them a professional contract, the fact is, this is not the case.
Even Major League Baseball requires the participation of several tryouts and showcases for prospects before being selected or signed.

What players seem to not understand in today’s generation is that the Independent Pro Federation Leagues such as the Atlantic, American Association, Can/Am and Frontier League, which are all great high level leagues, primarily fill the majority of all rosters with released MiLB or MLB affiliated players.
This means that there is very little if no room at all for very talented players with no pro experience or out of college prospects looking for a chance to get a contract.

These franchises are in the business of providing high level Sports entertainment, and winning championships. They are not in the business of developing ball players into professionals since winning is a priority, and jobs are on the line daily. They are not in it for helping young up and coming players take a step forward into their Professional careers.

These leagues are in existence thanks to great investing owners with intentions of operating successful events and profiting from them through advertising and ticket sales like all sports owners do.

So the question to understand is, WHY?
Why would a player with no high ranked pro experience attend a High level tryout, pay $75-$100 dollars, fly round trip and spend $500 on Airfare, get 2-3 Hotel nights and spend over a grand over the weekend to take 6 swings in a cage make 3 throws and be told “thank you for coming but not interested in you at this time”. Why?

The player does it emotionally.

They have the right to dream of playing in a high level league, even if they do not have a shot, and in many cases they feel that’s their only way.

The truth is that today, times have changed and so have industry demands. Players have very affordable options that provide the great service of developing them into Professionals and giving them the tools and opportunity to help advance their careers.

The best advice that can be given to a player is to always pursue the dream for as long as possible.

But do it with knowledge and understanding.

Get to know the industry, and its demands. A player must know that a program, league, or organization that bans a player for attempting to pursue an opportunity in other programs is clearly not about the well being of the player.

Work hard, establish goals, pursue the dream, and PLAY BALL!!