The Empire professional baseball team has announced the All Star Selection. The players selected for the All Star game were chosen based on statistics per position. The League would like to recognize and congratulate those players selected to take a trip to Old Orchard Beach!

The West team will be represented by the Watertown Bucks and the Sullivan Explorers while the East team will be represented by the New Hampshire Wild and Old Orchard Beach Surge.


PITCHERS: SP – Zachary Breen (WT), SP – Harrison Lee (SUL), SP – Jameson McGrane (SUL), RP – Matthew Novak (WT), RP – Paul Perez (SUL), RP – Matthew Eshelman (WT)

POSITION PLAYERS: C – Brian Brademen (SUL), 1B – Eddie Malone Jr (WT), 2B – Javier Marticorena (WT), 3B – Nicholas Grady (SUL), SS – Nathaniel Coronado (SUL), LF – Patrick Jones (WT), CF – Gevon Jackson (SUL), RF – Adrian Gonzalez (SUL), DH – Kevin Putkonen  (SUL)

OTHERS: DH – Elliot Armstrong (WT), OF – Bryan Hoover (SUL), C – Manny Reyes (WT)


PITCHERS: SP – David Ernst (OOB), RP – Ryan Oglesby (NH), RP – Rich Baerga (OOB), RP – Tony McClendon (NH), RP – Josh Martinez (OOB), RP – Jorge De Leon (NH)

POSITION PLAYERS: C – Ken Matsuzaka (NH), 1B – Chris Allen (OOB), 2B – Richard Colla (NH), 3B – Luc Pomales (OOB), SS – Mark McCouch (NH), LF – Brandon Cooksey (OOB), CF – Jacob Fabry (OOB), RF – Karl Kapinos (NH), DH – Joshua Wong (NH)

OTHERS: INF – Chris Jacobs (NH), C Jordyn Van Atta (OOB), OF – Shaun Cooper (OOB)


Home Run Derby Participants

WEST: Kevin Putkonen (SUL), Patrick Jones (WT), Gevon Jackson (SUL), (WT), Adrian Gonzalez (SUL), (WT)

EAST: Zach Mathieu (NH), Luc Pomales (OOB), Joshua Wong (NH), Chris Allen (OOB), Chris Jacobs (NH),


The Home Run Derby is set to begin at 330pm  followed by the All Star Game. Gates will open at 230pm and tickets are only $10. Game is to be held at The Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.